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There is a small and select band of educational professionals in the UK who have not only had their achievements recognised in the New Year’s Honours List, but who are also able to inspire others with their outstanding knowledge, passion and enthusiasm – Sir John Jones is one.

Lake Louise, Alberta

At Lake Louise, Alberta. One of my favourite places

Being Knighted by HRH 2003

Being Knighted by Her Majesty 2003

Knighted in 2003 for his services to education, Sir John worked most of his professional life in challenging schools across the North West of England, his last post being the head-teacher of a large secondary school in Merseyside.
His achievements and reputation for straight talking, leadership and creativity led him to be invited onto various organizations, panels and think tanks including the National College for School Leadership, the DfES’ Leadership Development Unit, the Teacher Development Agency’s National Remodelling Unit and visiting posts with both Manchester and Liverpool Universities.

Sir John Jones is inspirational. He should be compulsory listening for every teacher
Teacher, Risca Community Comprehensive School

The Magic-Weaving BusinessHis new book…

‘The Magic-Weaving Business’, describes how powerful an impact teachers have on young people and how learning can make a profound difference in their lives.
To order your copy of Sir John’s latest book ‘The Magic-Weaving Business’ you can email the distributor of this book here.

To be in the presence of Sir John for two days was just brilliant. The skill of speaking without notes, with humour and narrative, power and depth was exceptional. I have enjoyed this course more than any other conference or course I have ever attended
Deputy Head, Wigan

And …

As if such a rich and varied CV was not enough, Sir John has also proven himself to be one of the most entertaining, inspiring and sought-after speakers on the global educational stage.

Presenting the 'Magic Weaving Business'

Presenting the ‘Magic Weaving Business’

Wondering what to say next

Wondering what to say next

Through it all …

Sir John retains a very down to earth approach to education, believing it to be about social change, never just about ticking boxes or meeting targets. Covering an impressive range of educational issues from leadership and inclusion to organizational development and ‘futures thinking’, Sir John is guaranteed to give all those who come into contact with him food for thought, practical ideas that will make a difference and a genuine and moving sense of awe at the power teachers have to change young lives.

Excellent. The third time I’ve seen Sir John and the content was different each time
AST, Birmingham

With Rachel at Salford Heads Conf in Blackpool

With Rachel at Salford Heads Conf in Blackpool

With Everton legend Peter Reid

With Everton legend Peter Reid

Don’t get him started …

A keen golfer, a former semi-professional footballer and a semi-professional rock guitarist, John’s passion for education is only matched by his love of Everton FC. But don’t get him started on that…

A life-changing experience. Thank you
School Governor, Richmond Upon Thames

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