The Quill ed.2

The Quill ed.2
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One of my bucket list items is to travel the Trans-Siberian Railway from Moscow to Vladivostok – all eight days, eight time zones and five thousand seven hundred and seventy two miles of it! They say that when the sun rises at one end it is setting at the other.

In a way, that is just like first term. From an Indian Summer to the bleak mid-winter: from the dawn chorus to going out and coming home in the dark; from Presentation Evening to Mock Exams; opening assemblies to The Carol Concert and induction week to The Christmas production. You have banked more than three hundred lessons, fifteen duties, twenty meetings and fifty hours of marking.

I have often wondered what is the point of February and second term has its challenges, but for sheer, relentless graft I think first term tops the podium. But you did it! No more get-ups for a while, no more guilt over that weekday tipple, no more marking/preparation (I hope!) and time for the sheer, blissful wastefulness of watching morning TV.

Enjoy your hard earned, festive break, have an over-indulgent Christmas and an irresistibly optimistic New Year. You so richly deserve it.

Remembering the wisdom of silence (leaders who like the sound of their own voice take note…)
A former president at Rosslyn Park Rugby Union Football Club enjoyed the sound of his own voice rather too much and liked to give the team the benefit of his wisdom. Minutes before a very big game, he appeared at the changing room door: “Can I have a quick word?” he said to Andy Ripley, the captain and talismanic forward. “Velocity,” replied Ripley. “Now buzz off.”

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Save Your Day

‘That hideous tie so kindly meant’ John Betjeman

During his time as Chief Inspector of Schools (2002-2006), Sir David Bell was once asked what he missed most about being in school. A former teacher himself, he recalled that, no matter how bad things were going or how down you might be feeling, a young person could say something that would ‘save your day’.

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“Good leaders take more than their share of the blame and a little less than their share of the credit.”

Arnold H Glasgow

SJJ book of the month

The Long Tail

by Chris Anderson (2007)

“The niche has become the norm.”

I stumbled across this fascinating work on a list of ‘must-read books for the futures-thinker’. Although 10 years old, it is as relevant today as it was in the new millennium.

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My boss just called me into his office to say I’ve been spending too much time on Twitter. Hold on, he’s saying something else now… 

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