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Hello, I am delighted to welcome you to my newsletter (about time too, I can hear you mutter) and to what I hope will become a regular contact with all those who kindly signed up to stay in touch. It is the beginning of what I wish to be a long and fruitful relationship.

Eric Schmidt of Google said: “ The internet is the first thing that humanity has built that humanity doesn’t understand, the largest experiment in anarchy that we have ever had.” I’m looking forward to you joining me for the ride…

I was working in Glasgow and on a windy, wet taxi ride to my venue, the taxi driver described the city as ‘the place where umbrellas go to die’.

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Preparing our children for a world that does not exist

– how schools can make the difference

We live in a rapidly changing world. A world in which, statisticians claim, 80% of the jobs our children will do have not yet been invented. In order to thrive and succeed in such times global thinkers such as DAVOS (World Economic Forum think tank), economists like Thomas Friedman (‘The World is Flat’), The CEOs of companies such as IBM and Google appear to agree that we are all going to need five key capabilities;

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Let’s praise effort over attainment because a hard worker will beat a lazy genius every time.
“If people knew how hard I worked for my mastery it wouldn’t seem so wonderful after all.”


SJJ book of the month

Black Box Thinking –

The Surprising Truth About Success
by Matthew Syed

‘Bounce’ was always going to be a hard act to follow, but, in my opinion, Syed has managed to do that with distinction. So many relevant messages here about effective/ineffective cultures, the dangers of top/down leadership and the need to admit not shun mistakes, learn from them and move forward. It’s about learning to embrace vulnerability.
A cracking read!

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My wife asked me if a rhino was just a unicorn who has let himself go!

Upcoming events

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November ’17

3rd Association of Secondary Head Teachers in Essex
6th French International School, Hong Kong
7th Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce
8th Shanghai American School, China
9th Shanghai American School, China
10th Tohoku International School, Japan
12th Infinite Learning, Dubai
23th London Borough of Ealing School Business Managers Conference

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Though a small step for man this represents a huge technological leap for me!
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